Soundfile Music was created by Composer / Music Producer Michael Baiardi 20 years ago. We are a custom music house, recording studio, music library, publishing and music supervision company.


Soundfile Music is a full service music company. We have provided music to hundreds of feature films, television shows and advertising brands. We understand the difference that great music makes in telling a story and are committed to giving our clients the highest quality service in order to achieve this goal.  


We know how critical timelines are to your productions. We have multiple music solutions from custom score to a music library that boasts over 70,000+ cues. We can provide the best music for your production in the quickest amount of time.


Because we love what we do. Soundfile Music was created with one thought: to produce the highest quality music for the Film, Television, and Advertising communities. We continually do that day after day, year after year and song after song.